Business Valuation Services

Whether buying or selling a business, it’s crucial that you understand its value. However, not all situations require the same level of valuation or associated expense. We deliver a full range of cost-effective valuations, using our knowledge of the regional market in collaboration with valuation experts. We get you the valuation you need without unnecessary expense. Our easy-to-understand, professional reports adhere to NACVA standards, which empower our clients to move forward with confidence.

Business valuation reports can be prepared for many different purposes. That’s why we offer two types of business valuation reports:

Informational: Broker Opinion of Value
“The Essentials Report”

This is an in-house restricted use report. It calculates a range of value for your business based upon comparable sales nationwide. Calculations are predicated upon multiples of discretionary cash flow, as well as other factors relevant to the industry. The report you receive is typically about 20 pages long and will give you a good idea of what a willing buyer might pay for your business on the open market.  The Essentials Report is invaluable for business owners contemplating the sale of a business.  It supports exit planning, helps establish market price and can be used to support internal business planning decisions.


Informational: Broker Opinion & Market Analysis
“White Glove Report”

This restricted use report expands upon the Broker Opinion of Value. It sources several value methods including comparable sales data, market-based valuation predicated on sales, EBITDA, and Seller’s Discretionary Earnings.  All value methods are fully explained and detailed calculations are provided.  Assurance services include industry verification, owner’s compensation analysis, state tax verification and financials confidence checks.  Conclusions are provided in a report that is typically 35 or more pages in length. This report is recommended for businesses with $2M or more in revenue, and those that include Real Estate.  The findings in this report can drastically reduce sales cycle,  support asking price, and  provide valuable insights for exit planning .


Certified Valuation
“Summary Valuation”

Certified Valuations are prepared by a 3rd-party valuation team and Certified Valuation Analyst(s) (CVA). A Certified Summary Valuation provides a definitive value that can be used for lending and limited legal matters.  Typically 65+ pages, these reports include in-depth written analysis of the nature & history of the company, industry & economy, financial analysis and conclusion of value and will be signed by the NACVA Analyst.   This type of report is best when you expect a lot of scrutiny over the value or when there is a high level of interest in detailed support and explanation of the valuation.  Certified valuation reports are invaluable for supporting business acquisitions, divestitures, estate planning, divorce settlements and partner disputes.


Certified Valuation
“Detailed Valuation”

Certified Detailed Valuations help the intended reader understand the data, reasoning, and analyses underlying the valuation analyst’s conclusion of value.  It includes more detail than the the summary level report and is typically 100 pages  or more in length.  Detailed Reports are prepared and signed by Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA).  They provide the highest level of in-depth written analysis of the nature and history of the company, industry, & economy, Financials and conclusion of value.  They are most often used for complex businesses, court cases and IRS- related estate planning purposes when a great deal of scrutiny over the value is expected.

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