Strategies for Maximizing Market Dominance and Boosting Business Value

At some point, you will need to sell your business. When that time comes, you will be in a much better bargaining position if your business has established market dominance.   Potential buyers will be far less excited about your business if you are playing catch-up to one or more competitors. Ultimately, maintaining a dominant market position will help you gain both  top dollar and maximum interest in your business.

Take Steps in Advance

Although you may make the decision to sell your  business overnight, preparing it for sale requires years of  meticulous planning.  So, operating your business as though you will need to sell it in the near future is always a smart strategy.  Consider and work towards goals that  future buyers will value.  These include things like maximizing your social media presence, automating and  documenting workflows, and building an excellent management team.  Often, planning and working towards goals like these will also result in establishing market dominance.

Boost Your Customer Base

A key part of maintaining a dominant position in your market is to have a large number of customers. The logic is simple: if you have a large number of customers, then it only makes sense that your competitors have less. 

A prospective buyer will find your business more interesting when you have a wide and varied customer base. Conversely, a business that depends on just a few large customers may make buyers nervous. The built-in vulnerability of having a handful of key customers will discourage prospective buyers and lenders.

Have a Growth Mindset

Achieving a dominant position in the market means that you are always thinking about growth. It is vital that you consider how to expand your business in both the short term and the long term. Additionally, it is important to realize that different strategies are needed for both short-term and long-term growth. You should always have a growth plan ready to implement.  

Gain a Realistic Understanding of Your Business

Whether you have achieved a dominant position in your market or are striving to do so, it is essential that you understand your business’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Far too many business owners turn a blind eye to the weaknesses of their business or overplay its strengths. One way to better understand these aspects of your business is to work with a business broker or M&A advisor who can evaluate your business from an outside perspective. Partnering with Business Brokers & Consultants in advance of a decision to sell will insure that your business is in the best possible position when the time to sell ultimately arrives.


You want prospective buyers to be excited about your business and its potential for the future. Demonstrating that you have a dominant position in your market and that your business has room for additional growth will dramatically increase interest and enthusiasm.  Working with a Advisor you can trust is often the first step to achieving  a dominant position in your market as well as a top-dollar exit strategy for your business.

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