Logistics & Trucking Company for Sale

Logistics & Trucking Company for Sale

Location: Kentucky
Industry: Logistics
Listing ID: 6498516

This Logistics and Trucking Company is a prime candidate for merger or Private Equity Group acquisition. Principal has developed a four prong business model supported by a highly effective management team, back office, and maintenance programs that allow for operational efficiency and unlimited potential for scale.

Company more than doubled its revenue year over year 2021 to 2022, and is on track to double revenue again in 2023. Here’s how they achieved it:

First, The Company owns and maintains an in-house fleet for dedicated routes. Those routes are in place and running daily. However, the synergistic business structure also includes Fleet Maintenance and Logistics.

Second, an on-site fully-operational shop offers service and repair for third-parties as well as The Company owned fleet. This gives The Company a huge competitive advantage and ensures that its fleet is maintained and stays on the road at minimal R&M cost. Shop is highly profitable and its services are constantly in demand.

Third, The Company offers branding opportunities for independent owner/operators and provides freight brokerage for a competitive commission on each load.

Fourth and finally, It manages every aspect of freight brokerage, maintenance and dispatch for trucks offered on “lease-to-own” terms to independent drivers. The company receives all the income from all the trucks by billing directly to clients. It pays out all the operation expenses including the lease, fuel, insurance, repairs, etc. and deducts all the expenses, along with its brokerage commission, before paying out the difference to the truck lessee. This aspect of the business is incredibly scalable and successful. It provides a win-win for drivers and The Company.

The Company charges a commission on the revenue generated by the independent and lessee drivers, regardless of the expenses their truck incurs. This guarantees The Company’s profitability.

Total Sales: $4,231,684.00
FFE Included: $1,729,440.00
FFE: $1,729,440.00
Inventory: $144,000.00
Reason For Sale:


Training & Support:

Principal is willing to train and assist in the transition for a period of 1 month as part of the purchase price, and is willing to stay on indefinitely if the right investment team wants to continue scaling up the business. The Management team as a whole has decades of experience and are loyal to the business, so their assistance will be key in a smooth transition.

Employees: 18
Facilities Information:

Assets include a newer company fleet, well equipped repair shop and front office facilities. Valuable technology and software assets.


Exact Company location is masked in this ad, however, it is mid-America and centrally located. Market is overwhelmed with growth from manufacturing and logistical opportunities. There is plenty of business to go around, however, This Company has managed to pull together the perfect synergistic combination of services and the talent to give it a competitive edge.

Otis R Florence Florence

Phone: 502-425-0995
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Otis R Florence Florence