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Should You Be Selling Your Company…Now?

The answer to that question is, “It all depends!” Lately, there have been a number of studies, surveys and the like suggesting that as more and more “baby-boomers” reach retirement age, the market will be flooded with companies for sale. The consensus among privately-held company owners reaching and nearing retirement age seems to be that the time to sell is now. In one survey, 57 percent of business owners said that their age was the motivating factor for exiting their business. In another, 75 percent of owners with revenues between $1 million and $150 million stated that they anticipate selling within the next three years. These sort of statistics can leave you with the impression that, soon enough, the market will be inundated with privately-held businesses for sale.  This is good news, if you're a buyer..... but gut-wrenching if you are among the many that had hoped to sell.  Will years of hard work be devalued because the market is suddenly flooded with inventory? Not … [Read more...]