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Strategic Buyer Services

If you are a strategic buyer or a private equity group, I understand the importance of identifying business opportunities specifically suited to your investment criteria.  Over the past 15 years, I have developed  extensive relationships with business owners.  Those relationships have connected me with a broad range of industries. Once I have an overview of your investment criteria, I conduct a direct search campaign.  Often, I already have a relationship with an owner or company that fits your criteria.  In my experience, the most successful acquisitions occur when a strong buyer has  strategic interests that align with the current owner's exit goals.   Please contact me to learn more about Strategic Buyer Services. … [Read more...]

Perspective for Exit Strategy Planning

I’ve seen it happen far too many times, and it’s always a sad situation.  The Principal of a business, the driving force behind its success, finds themself ill, facing a family crisis, or other unexpected circumstance.  Suddenly, they need “out”  and it’s a fire sale. Selling can be an organized, rewarding process, or it can be a gut wrenching and depressing end to what was once a gratifying career.  The difference between the two is up to you.  One is the product of advanced planning aimed at maximizing profit and expediting a sale.  The other is the result of wishful thinking and procrastination. A good Exit Strategy starts with simple awareness:  Some day you will retire.  So, even if you are not planning to sell your business at that juncture, you should at least acknowledge it as a posibility and make it your job to understand the process. I cannot tell you how many businesses I have sold for owners who "planned" to leave the company to their children.  The only problem was, … [Read more...]